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Message from the President of Skyline Home Inspections LLC

Hello, I’m I’m Alex, your dedicated home inspector. With a passion for ensuring safe and sound homes, I bring over 10 yrs of experience in the industry. My commitment is to provide you with thorough and meticulous inspections, leaving no stone unturned in evaluating your property.

Having worked extensively in South Florida, I’m well-versed in the unique challenges and features of homes in our region. From historic properties to modern constructions, I’ve seen it all and know what to look for to ensure your peace of mind.

Beyond my technical expertise, I prioritize clear communication and transparency. I’ll walk you through every step of the inspection process, answering any questions you may have along the way. My goal is not just to identify issues but also to empower you with knowledge about your home.

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, a seasoned homeowner, or a real estate professional, you can trust me to deliver reliable, unbiased, and comprehensive inspection services. Serving the community as a local firefighter and home inspector, satisfaction and safety are my top priorities.

Unfortunately, I have seen the damages caused by system failures. Improper installations, poor maintenance and homeowner neglect can cause fires, structural instability, environmental issues, water leaks, and more. I know the importance of a home inspection.

I promise to deliver a thorough home inspection with the same care as I would for my own family. I take great pride in the community I live in and serve. It would be an honor to serve you in one of the biggest investments of your life.

Thank you,

Alex Carrasquillo
# HI12455
InterNACHI Certified Master Inspector

Miami's Premier Inspection Services

Our company offers a variety of services such as residential, commercial, insurance inspections and much more. We will deliver a detailed quality report that helps you understand the condition of your home. The value you receive with our inspections could save you thousands in the future.

We take great pride in our work and strive for excellence no matter how big or small the job.

Residential Home Inspection

The purpose of an inspection isn't just to find problems with the house; It's also about making sure that you don't buy something that will cost more than you think, or cause other headaches down the road.

Commercial Inspection

A commercial building inspection helps you identify potential problems before they become expensive repairs or even worse, an unsafe structure. It also gives you peace of mind knowing that your property is safe for tenants and visitors.

Luxury Property Inspection

A luxury property inspection is an essential step in the acquisition of high-end real estate, offering a multitude of benefits that safeguard the buyer’s investment while ensuring peace of mind.

Condo Inspection

Getting a condo inspection isn’t something that people always think about, but it is just as important as getting a home inspection on a residential home.

4 point Inspection

There are four essential elements to a home that are often covered in an insurance claim: your electrical, HVAC, water heater tank, and roof. This inspection is quicker and more cost-effective, by only inspecting those 4 points.

Wind Mitigation Inspection

A wind mitigation inspection is a specialized home inspection that evaluates a property's ability to withstand strong winds and tropical storms, which can cause severe damage.

New Construction Inspection

Newly constructed homes need an objective third-party to inspect. Even the most skilled and dedicated contractors can make mistakes, and if those aren't caught early, the damage they cause could be exponential.

Roof Certification Inspection

The roof is one of the most important structures in your home, and a faulty or damaged roof can be one of the most expensive to repair. The most urgent time for an inspection usually comes after a large storm.

Thermal Imaging Inspection

Thermal imaging is an advanced & newer technology that inspectors use to get temperature details about a home, and assess how protected against environmental elements the home is.

WDO Inspection

Termites can go unnoticed until they cause catastrophic damage to your home. Whether you’re shopping for a home and suspect a termite issue, or you think your current home may be affected by termites, we can provide you with comprehensive testing.

Mold / Lab Testing

There are over 400,000 types of mold, and while there are only a few dozen that are toxic, exposure to many molds can lead to health problems. It can also cause structural damage to your house.

Sewer Scope Inspections

A sewer scope is an inspection of the lateral sewer lines from the house at or close to the foundation to the city sewer, HOA tap, and/or the septic tank. Sewer scoping can help homeowners and homebuyers identify potential problems with their sewer systems.

Our Spectora reports can be viewed on any device!

The Best Modern Report in the Industry

While Skyline Home Inspections LLC encourages our clients to walk through the home with us, we understand that you may be too busy, and may not have time to do so.

Regardless of whether or not you attend the inspection, we will compile a comprehensive Spectora report, which includes all of the information you need to determine the condition of the home.

We will deliver our report within 24 hours of the conclusion of your home inspection, so that you can quickly access a full overview of our findings – and discuss them with us and your agent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A home inspection is an objective visual examination of the physical structure and systems of a house, from the roof to the foundation. Home inspections are designed to protect the buyer, by revealing problems they might not have noticed otherwise.

The cost will vary based on the square footage of the home, the age of the home, and location of the home. Call, text, or email us for a quote today!

Home inspections generally take 2 to 4 hours to complete. The duration of a home inspection depends on many factors such as the size of the home, the condition of the home, and the ability to access certain areas of the home (roof, crawl space, attic, etc.).

Although it is not necessary, we do recommend that you attend the inspection so you can ask questions and learn more about the home. You will learn a lot from the inspection report, but we always encourage you to attend!

It is important to note that no house is perfect. At the end of the home inspection process, we will provide a detailed report that describes the physical condition of the property, with images and videos highlighting what may need repair or replacement. The information provided is to allow a potential buyer to make an informed decision about moving forward with the transaction. It is not pass or fail.